Clean Shave Bar

Rinse + Repeat

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Clean Shave Bar creates luxurious lather while preventing shaving nicks and cuts. Best used with a shaving brush. Scented with our popular Evergreen (pine + fir) fragrance.

Key ingredients: moisturizing shea butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil

HOW TO USE (guide):

1. Soak your shaving brush in water, this is an important step. 

2. After the brush has been left to soak, take it out of the water, and shake off any excess water. Apply the shaving brush to the shaving soap and work it in a circular motion over the surface of the soap. At first this will create large bubbles and a thin lather will start to form. After a minute or two of working the brush on the soap the brush should have picked up enough soap to proceed to the next step.

3. Eventually you want to get a lather that is light and shiny and has a texture similar to whipped egg whites (or slightly looser). Once you have your lather at the right consistency you need to apply it to your face. Begin by applying the brush with a circular scrubbing motion around the face and neck. This will exfoliate the skin, raise the beard hairs and surround each whisker with lather. The longer you do this process the better as it also helps to soften the beard. When the face is completely covered you can change to a painting motion to even-out the lather over the face and take off any excess.

4. Shave as usual. 


Keep the bar dry after every use. Store upright on a soap dish with drainage to keep it solid. Air dry is best! Do not leave in water.

Size: Approx. 100g