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Bali Bliss Gugo Shampoo Bar

Rinse + Repeat

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Grab our newest Gugo Shampoo Bar and bathe in the tropical fragrance inspired by our surf trips to Bali. Our Bali Bliss Shampoo Bar is made with the same gentle ingredients as our original formula with added gugo extracts, an ingredient known to thicken hair while lessening hair fall and breakage.

*Hair fall can be caused by many factors including lifestyle, diet, and stress levels. If you are experiencing excessive hair fall or hair issues, please consult a board-certified Dermatologist.


Wet hair. Wet bar and rub between palms to form lather. Apply lather to hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly.


Keep the bar dry after every use. Store upright on a soap dish with drainage to keep it solid. Or let dry upright on the cover of the tin can. Air dry is best! Do not leave in water.

Size: Approx. 75g